Industrial DVR

Video recorders CISDVR are designed to build an effective video surveillance system for geographically distributed objects. Integration with a wide range of security systems (ACS, FSA, …) allows you to use CISDVR video recorders as part of a multi-level security system. The industrial design of the DVR allows its use in harsh climate.


Key features

  • Video surveillance system with motion detector and long-term digital archive
  • Distributed video surveillance architecture
  • Remote viewing of the video archive
  • Audio subsystem
  • Telemetry and advanced network functions
  • Integration with access control systems
  • Integration with security and fire alarms
  • Powerful configuration tools
  • License plate recognition
  • Video capture and face recognition
  • Video control of cash transactions
  • Video surveillance through a pocket computer
  • Integration with IP cameras

The industrial video recorder, one of the first projects of CISLAB, was created in 2007 by order of PJSC Transneft for use in harsh conditions.