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Computational Intelligence and Security Laboratory (CISLab)

This is the site of the Computational Intelligence and Security Laboratory (CISLab). Our research group is part of the Department of Electronics Systems at Aalborg University in Denmark.

Mission of the Lab

To provide a computer and information sciences oriented environment for computational intelligence and security research driven by externally funded projects.

What we do

Computational intelligence
the study of theory, models and computing techniques inspired by nature and the way humans solve complex problems.
Knowledge Discovery/Representation/Retrieval
automatically searching/retrieving for patterns and data from large collections. Study of effective ways to visualize and represent knowledge. Knowledge discovery/mining from graphs.
we study different aspects of security from a broad perspective, from decision making to the study and implementation of theories, models and techniques for situation awareness, social network analysis, and risk and threat analysis.

Lab members

Associate Professor Henrik Legind LarsenDirector

Associate Professor David Hicks, Researcher

Associate Professor Daniel Ortiz-Arroyo, Researcher

Adjunct Professor Ronald R. Yager,  Director of the Machine Intelligence Institute, Ione Collage, USA


The VIRTUOSO Project (2010-2013)

Versatile InfoRmation Toolkit for end-Users oriented Open Sources explOitation ( Project funded under the FP7 framework from the european commission.  The project aims at providing European Security stakeholders with a toolkit based on an open-source-software framework and a set of advanced information processing tools. This toolkit will allow building end-user oriented applications with the following features:

The VIRTUOSO toolkit will increase user productivity by automating time consuming activities and eliminating current bottlenecks that will be accurately identified with a large panel of users.

Due to numerous application domains and the various size of the resources needed by the application of such a toolkit, this toolkit will demonstrate high level scalability, from mobile to High Power Computing systems.

Cooperation of various European agencies will be addressed by proposing a standard, open and Interoperable toolkit, facilitating storage and sharing of information. Guidelines will be proposed.

The POSH Project (2004-2005)

The POSH project was a R&D project starting at the end of 2004 at the Center for Teleinfrastruktur at CTIF Aalborg University in which our group participated through the Wireless Computing and Security (WCS) group in the Software Intelligence and Security Research Center. The WCS group forms one of the ten research groups at CTIF. The main objective of this project was to create a usability test environment for mobile services in heterogeneous network environments. One objective in this project was to develop a spoken query answering system for mobile devices. WCS's task in this was to develop a knowledge-based context dependent query answering system that interprets the user's intention from the possibly uncertain recognition by the speech recognizer, and retrieve and present the answer to the user.

Technological platform, adapted to Border Security needs.


Please see the publications list for CISLab in the Aalborg University VBN library.


The European Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics


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